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Our Mission

The EUMOVE Project aims to design and implement a comprehensive set of strategies and resources to enable the educational community to promote healthy lifestyles among children and adolescents.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century in economically-developed countries (WHO, 2014). To prevent associated diseases, healthy lifestyle habits should be promoted, based on evidenced recommendations such as those of the Council on Physical Activity to Improve Health (HEPA) and the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.

With this in mind, the EUMOVE project is focused on the development and dissemination of high quality, evidence-based resources for school-based interventions targeting both primary and secondary schools with the aim to promote healthy lifestyles for health benefits.

EUMOVE is evideneced based and will offer reliable, safe and practical resources such as Physically Active lessons, Active Breaks, Family-based interventions and active commuting among others.

Overall, the EUMOVE project is an ecological, and sustainable proposal that engages partners with specific expertise in developing innovative evidence-based resources and learning practices in order to promote healthy lifestyle among young people in collaboration with schools, professionals, and families.


The current project is based on two theoretical frameworks: The Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW; Michie, van Stralen, & West, 2011) and the Creating Active Schools Framework (Daly-smith et al., 2020).

Our project methodology provides five interlinking layers:

  1. Sources of behaviours

Capacity, Motivation and Opportunity as fundamental elements for the change of individual behaviors.

  1. Intervention functions

EUMOVE Project will focus on seven intervention functions to enable those interventions to occur: education, persuasion, enablement, training, modeling, restrictions, and  environmental restructuring.

  1. Target groups.
  • a) School leaders, responsible for leading the development of the school policies.
  • b) Teachers, central to creating positive social and physical environments, alongside delivering initiatives within the seven opportunities.
  • c) Children and adolescents, who may form pupil councils or lead opportunities for PA (e.g., playground leaders).
  • d) Parents/guardians, who play a significant role in supporting students to promote healthy lifestyles.
  • e) Wider stakeholders, that includes public entities that help through active school coordinators that unite partners and teachers/parents.
  1. Opportunities

Opportunities are determined by what the school can control (events/visits, lessons, and recess) and the opportunities the school can influence (active commuting, family, and extracurricular habits)

  1. Goals

EUMOVE project will use the three sources of behaviours for implementation across the five target groups through different intervention functions, by using seven opportunities with the specific goal of increase PA levels, reduce sedentary time, and promote good diet and sleep habits.

Innovative Aspects

  Multistructural participation.

EUMOVE project will involve educational, political, and social entities which will allow a holistic and complementary approach to the problem.

  Multi-opportunities approach.

The current project targets the whole set of opportunities described by Daly-Smith et al. (2020) and offers a wide range of opportunities for the educational community with the aim to address this important goal from a multi-activity perspective.

  Implementation of the ‘Train the Trainer’ Model.

This approach has been highlighted as a fundamental strategy to succeed in school-based interventions to promote healthy lifestyles.

  Easy to implement.

This project will design a set of teaching resources that will be easy to implement for school leaders, teachers, and parents in real-world setting.

  Adapted to the context.

Although the origin of the proposal is at the European level, all the teaching resources (mainly those to implement within the school context) will be adapted to the particular curricula of each country.


Multi-component teaching resources.

EUMOVE project will develop a set of tools focused on teachers, parents, school leaders, stakeholders and educational authorities.


From research to school (evidence-based practice).

The EUMOVE project perfectly integrates what we know from the published academic literature to the implementation and evaluation of a set of teaching resources.



The EUMOVE design is scalable, since it considers effectiveness, reach and adoption of the intervention, control the cost of interventions, include workforce, technical and organizational resources to implement interventions, engage target populations and key organizational actors, consider the participation of community, cultural, political, workforce and organizational contexts, and develop a Quality control and performance monitoring systems.


Requires minimal equipment and teacher time.

The teaching resources created by the EUMOVE project do not require complex equipment, and they will be strategically created to not require time for preperation.


Feedback loop.

EUMOVE project will involve teachers and other relevant agents in a continuous process of development, implementation, evaluation and adaptation in all phases of the project.

All teaching resources generated will be Open Access.

Teachers will be able to conveniently access tools, applications and resources in a user-friendly way.


Get to know the EUMOVE events that will take place all over Europe!

EUMOVE will organize 4 blocks of events throughout Europe to promote practical strategies for promoting healthy lifestyle habits.


The transnational project meetings are consortium meetings and meetings between project partners hosted by one of the participating organizations for implementation and coordination purposes.

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In each partner region, a similar event will be held by each of the organizations, in order to disseminate the material and provide training for the teachers in the use of the different teaching resources. 
The event will be a one-day workshop, and it will be focused on the practical use of the tools created with the project, such as practical recommendations about the implementation of physically active lessons, the use of the Real Time Active Breaks Platform, the implementation of strategies to promote active commuting to/from school, recommendations about teaching activities to promote extracurricular practice and other healthy habits (diet, sleep…), or practical guide about the use of the EUMOVE App.
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In each partner region, a similar event will be held by each of the organisations, in order to disseminate the material and provide training for the parents in the use of the PA promotion toolkit.

The event will be a one-day workshop on the recommendations and practical strategies to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Researchers and practitioners will address the recommendations of PA, sedentary behaviour, sleep and nutrition; and practical strategies to implement healthy lifestyle, based on the parents and their child’s stage of the lifecycle.

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These events will be targeted at at teachers, researchers, university students, and stakeholders interested in initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles within schools.

The seminars will cover two main themes. The first will be aimed at the educational community and we will present the EUMOVE resources during this seminar, to allow us to share up to date information to those agents who cannot attend the teacher/parent workshops. Secondly, we will organise another session where we will invite national and international speakers (researchers or/and teachers) who are implementing school-based intervention to promote healthy lifestyles.

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