Successful participation in the second virtual meeting of the EUMOVE Project

Last June the second online seminar of the Eumove project was held with all the members. The objective of the seminar was to present to all the partners and to make known the strategies of design and creation of educational resources for the promotion of healthy habits in the educational context of all Europe.

Eumove is an Erasmus + project aimed at implementing a comprehensive set of strategies and resources that allow the educational community to promote healthy lifestyles. Since the beginning of the year we have been working in a cohesive way to create and detail the first educational and healthy resources

After the turn of presentations, the protagonists of this second seminar were the partners of Eumove, where they showed the initial versions of each resource and their development strategy throughout the entire project. For example, Mairena Sánchez from the University of Castilla la Mancha showed the advances in the platform for active breaks or Andrea Ceciliani from the University of Bologna and Stephan Riegger from Moving School 21 presenting examples of Didactic Units for the promotion of healthy habits.

After learning about the progress of all the partners, David Sánchez Oliva, coordinator of the Eumove Project thanked all members for their attendance and stated “It is an honor to work in coordination to reduce sedentary lifestyle and obesity, we will continue working to make a more active Europe and healthy”, thus ending the second Eumove Meeting.